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Our Return & Refund Policy illustrates the cases in which customers can request for a refund or return the purchased products. The requests shall be accepted or denied by us based on certain conditions. The products shall be accepted by us if the following cases are found to be true and proven to be right:

·       The product is either found broken or leaked

·       The expiry date of the product is nearing or is already being expired and can no longer be used

·       The product count or size or type of the product was mistaken and not matching your expectations

It shall be noted that the above-mentioned cases should be found right after opening the parcel else we would not be held liable for it. Apart from that, the complaint should be made raised without any delay, else we cannot proceed with your issues.

One shall not make any changes to the delivered product otherwise we cannot recognize and address the trouble. Goherbalz will not accept the returns if the customer suddenly changes his/her interest in the product. We will neither accept the returns nor provide a refund if the address given by you was wrong. We will only refund the money if the address given by you was correct but still, the package got lost during transmission.

During the refund, your account shall be credited with the actual price of the product during purchase. Goherbalz is not liable to refund the handling and shipping charges being paid by you during the return of the product.

Ship the return items to the below address: