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Here, we outline the guidelines that Goherbalz adheres to in order to dispatch and deliver packages to the appropriate consumers on time and without incident. To prevent issues in the future, we ask that everyone carefully reads this section.

Delivery Type and Time:

While we will try our best to dispatch products as soon as possible, we normally follow the following two shipping methods:

1.    Regular shipment: this gets selected by default and will need around a week to deliver the parcel.

2.    Airmail shipment: this needs to be selected by the customer while ordering the product and it warrants a delivery within 2 to 3 days and is a bit costlier than the Regular shipment.

All our orders will be processed only during business days, so in case if you order something for a weekend or a holiday, then it will be processed on the coming working day.

Multiple Shipments:

This is regrettably not possible inside one order. Every address requires that you place a different order. By adding the needed amount of the item or by adding various things to the basket and checking out all at once, multiple shipments can be made to the same address.

During the Delivery:

We anticipate seeing you or someone else at your door when the package arrives. If no one shows up within that time, the box will remain in the post office or courier office for a few more days. You will need to go pick up the package to take ownership of it.

Just the transmission from our warehouse to your state or nation is included in the shipping fee, so keep that in mind. If you refuse to pay the additional fees when you pick up the box from the office, there may be problems and the package may never be delivered to you. Goherbalz cannot be held accountable in such situations.

Circumstances Difficult for Delivery:

The delivery of your item might be impacted by specific circumstances, such as uncontrollable natural disasters like earthquakes and floods or unmanageable political events like curfew, rioting, etc. The least likely scenario is that we will wait until everything returns to normal before we refund your money in full.

We sincerely hope you are understanding of the delays and ask for your cooperation.